2012 was an amazing year!! I was truly blessed by each one of you and grateful I was able to capture your stories on camera. Below I have made a collage of each session in each month. It was so fun to look back at each session and pick out one of my favorite moments. I cannot wait to see what 2013 brings! HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

















Oh my it has been way too long since I have done a blog post!!! I have been relying on my facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/JD-Expressions-Photography/141038437101,for all my updating and with such an amazing and very busy year my blog has suffered! But that will change in 2013. I am currently working on a new website/blog that might be everything combined in one so I will be posting a new link hopefully by the end of Jan :)

This next post is a fun day for the kids, I am having a kids mini session Feb 9 and it is going to be all about love! With Valentines day a few days after it will make the perfect gift for a dad or mom, grandma & grandpa or even aunts and uncles. Each session is 20min and you will receive a cd with 15 images. Email me@jdexpressionsphotography@gmail.com to reserve a spot!



My favorite part of taking pictures is when you get to see the love between families. I got to spend time with little miss ABBY and her two proud parents where the love just overflowed! We started out with ABBY sleeping but like usual as soon as we got her naked she was wide awake :) We could not get her back asleep until her Daddy got back into his uniform. She immediately fell asleep and snuggled into his arms. One of my favorite newborn photos ever!


The best part of my job is getting to meet all the different kids and their families. Most of the time I get to see them more than once since we meet for the kids milestones, and I feel like I gain another friend each time! With GIANNA I first met her and her parents for her newborn shoot. From the moment I walked in the door I felt like mama TANYA and I had been friends forever. I could have sat and chatted with her for hours, but I had to focus on capturing miss GIANNA. I was excited when TANYA emailed me again for some 4 month pictures and glad we could connect again. Of course GIANNA is growing like a weed and as cute as could be. Check out my time spent together with my new friends :)


I first got to meet ELI over a year ago for his One year pictures. He had just learned to walk so it was not to hard to contain him in a little area. Then I got to see him again in the summer since his birthday is in the winter we took some outdoor pictures. This time he had become a pro at walking and even better at exploring. Thankfully we had room to run and I could just follow him :) Now ELI is Two and we had to meet again inside. BUt this time he didn’t just walk around, he ran :) It was hard to catch him still for more than 2 seconds but we did. The best part of the whole time he kept requesting that we’d watch his every move as he would say “Watch me” constantly. Thanks again ELI and mom ASHLEY for letting me hang out and chase you with a camera! :)


When I first meet the kids before we take pictures, they are always a little shy and unsure about whats to happen. I try to make them laugh or giggle before we start or at least crack a smile. When I met LOGAN he was also a little unsure but also just fascinated with my camera. It wasn’t until we got him naked is when the smiles really started to come out :) Check out my little time spent with LOGAN!


Sometimes you have one year olds who are still crawling at their one year birthday. Some are just learning to walk and each step is shaky and then their is one year olds like NATALIE. She wasn’t just walking but pretty much running! I couldn’t believe how fast she could move! Which called for lots of distractions and puffs to keep her sitting for a long period of time :) Oh and every time we set her on the chair she proceeded to turn around and sit backwards on the chair, cutest thing ever! ENJOY the pictures :)


This winter hasn’t really been a “normal” Winter for us. So when Cat and I decided on January for engagement pictures, I don’t think either one of us thought it would be so rare to see snow! But we were blessed to have a not a only a little snow but a down fall the entire time we took pictures. Don’t be fooled by how good they looked, it was as cold as it looked. But of course CORY and CAT were troopers and put up with my continuing ideas :). Take a look at our winter wonderland photoshoot!!


For the first time I am combining two sessions in one blog post. I first meet Miss Kenley when she was still in her Mama’s tummy. I had Jess brave the cold to end up with some beautiful pictures once along and then again with her hubby. Then we got to meet again a few weeks later where I met Kenley in person :). Jess had warned me before that Kenley wasn’t a huge fan of being naked but we could try it anyways. Well I found out Kenley isn’t a huge fan of being naked but instead of crying she was wide awake and had the case of the wiggles! But after continually trying different positions, she finally just gave up and crashed :) SO here is my two sessions with the new Mama Jess and sweet baby Kenley